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Gods of Avalon Road

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Leilanie Stewart's debut novel from UK publisher, Blossom Spring Publishing (2019). Genre: urban fantasy/ paranormal romance/ historical fiction.

From the back cover:

London, present day.
Kerry and her university friend, Gavin move to London to work for the enigmatic Oliver Doncaster. Their devious new employer lures them into an arcane occult ritual involving a Golden Horse idol.

Britannia, AD 47.
Aithne is the Barbarian Queen of the Tameses tribes. The Golden Warrior King she loves is known as Belenus. But are the mutterings of the Druids true: is he really the Celtic Sun God himself?

Worlds collide as Oliver’s pagan ritual on Mayday summons gods from the Celtic Otherworld of Avalon. Kerry is forced to confront the supernatural deities and corrupt mortals trying to control her life and threatening her very existence.

For more information and to listen to the author reading an excerpt, visit: https://leilaniestewart.com/novels-gods-of-avalon-road