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Zombie Reflux by Leilanie Stewart


Eric was an ordinary man. He wanted to have an ordinary life. But extraordinary events transformed his quiet life... into an afterlife.

After moving to the village of Bury St. Morts in the Norfolk countryside, Eric has to come to terms with the fact that he is terminally deceased.

Why are the people of Bury St. Morts becoming zombified one by one? Does the problem lie deep in the heart of the English countryside? How will Eric deal with the authorities in his quest to get answers about the biologically challenged?

Joseph Robert, writer and poet, says: Is this Swift for the 21st century? Joseph Robert doesn't know but he knows you'll laugh so hard your dick'll fall off. Dangerously close to libel, deeply offensive - all this and more.

Melissa Jean, editor and publisher, says: Zombie Reflux is a satirical take on contemporary society. Who else would be brave enough to publish a farce of this calibre other than Meandi Books?

Author blog: www.leilaniestewart.wordpress.com